Andis 22215 Dog Clipper Review

The Andis 22215 2-Speed Detachable Plus Pet Clipper is a perfect dog grooming tool that makes a promising performance. The sturdy case is made with shatter proof material making it easier to handle.

The Andis 22215 dog clipper is made with 4 by 4 blade drive increasing its blade torque up to 2 percent. This enables a faster grooming procedure increasing the amount of strokes done in as much as 3,400 strokes in a minute.

Even though you have tiny sensitive pets, the Andis 22215 is equipped with a heavy duty motor making it work quietly as not to affect your pet too much. With its very high-speed motor, it can easily clip or groom with ease and detail.

The detachable blades make it easy and safe to use. It can be used on any pet as grooming is made easy with its detachable blades.

The blades are made from carbon steel making it more durable for longer use. The blades are very easy to clean and maintain. This versatile Andis dog clipper is very competent because of its high quality material that surely offers a long lasting use.

The materials used for its outer shell are made with hard materials to avoid being destroyed by harsh chemicals. The case is tightly sealed to keep it working quietly and at its best. With its 2.2- pound weight, the Andis dog grooming clipper is very easy to handle and carry.

Let’s Look at Features of the Andis 22215 Dog Clipper

  • 4×4 blade drive for 25% more blade torque
  • Clipper comes equipped with an UltraEdge? #10 Blade
  • Shatter-proof housing fits comfortably in your hand
  • Works with all UltraEdge? and CeramicEdge? blades (sold separately) – the largest selection in the industry
  • Designed and manufactured for years of reliable use
  • Andis 22215 Dimensions: 7 x 2 x 1.8 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds


Andis 22215 Dog Clipper – A Select Choice

A lot of pets look fantastic even if they are not groomed but other pets needs constant grooming and with that, you would need Andis 22215 2-Speed Detachable Plus Pet Clipper. Here are some good reasons why you should buy this pet clipper for your dog.

  • First, you enjoy grooming your pet but you are afraid to hurt them in the process. However, with Andis clippers, you are guaranteed with safety and efficacy.
  • Second, your pet would run away whenever you would try to groom them. Most dogs really don’t want to get trimmed and Andis 22215 is just so helpful in making the grooming process quick and easy.
  • Third, it is lightweight and easy to carry so you can use them whenever and wherever you want.
  • Fourth, product defects can always be replaced for free
  • And lastly, if you buy this Andis dog clipper, you are assured of long lasting and loving relationship with your pet.


Andis 22215 2-Speed Detachable Plus Dog Clipper Reviews

Based on the reviews made for the Andis 22215 dog clipper, the positive comments focused more on its very accurate and reliable performance. It does not induce stress on the pet because of its high duty performance plus its quiet motor. It is highly recommended by most pet owners as well as professional pet groomers.

Andis 22215 2-Speed Detachable Plus Pet Clipper The detachable blades make it very flexible because you just need to purchase extra blades in order to cater to different kinds of pets with various sizes and hair types. Also, its amazing price drop is one of the positive reviews thus making it more enticing for its consumers.

But the Andis 22215 clippers do have their own pitfalls. For new users, one of the common doubts they have is the hinges. There are questions if it could probably loosen after a certain period of usage. ther stores sell for a higher price.

It entails exerting effort in getting the best deal by doing a little research before purchasing the product. Also product replacements should be done by returning the product at a certain company address. The company should come up with a more customer friendly manner of replacing the product.

The Andis 22215 is really a hit because of its unique features and versatility. Purchase one and get the benefits of its warranty service for a maximum of 12 months. Defective products will be replaced within one year from date of purchase without any additional cost.

Replacement is totally for free. Grab this pet cleaner now and enjoy the bonding time you could get with your pet without the worry of placing any harm on them.

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