Oster A5 Turbo Professional Dog Clipper Review

The Oster A5 Turbo 2 Speed Professional Animal Clipper is a ruggedly built, professional dog grooming clipper. Powered by a universal rotary motor, the Oster A5 Turbo hums along at two speeds – 3,000 spm (strokes per minute) at low speed and 4,000 spm on high speed. The motor is blessedly quiet and allows pets to be clipped without disturbance, especially when working around the pet’s ears.

This Oster dog clippers are capable of cutting through thick, coarse hair effortlessly while providing quiet, smooth and reliable performance. The detachable blade system provides quick and easy blade changes, optimizing the efficiency of the clipping process. The clipper is compatible with all Oster A5 blades and the take down quick wide blade series.

This dog grooming clipper comes with a standard number 10 blade and blade guard, oil, grease and cleaning brush along with an extra brush and spring set. Also included is a set of operating instructions to make the package complete.

Pros and Cons to the Oster A5 Turbo 2-Speed Professional Clipper

Most of the users who have bought the Oster A5 dog clipper have been very pleased with their purchase.  They love the fact that it is able to groom all types of dog/animal hair.  It is even able to take on the thickest and toughest matted fur.  Here are the pros and cons for the Oster dog clipper:


  • It’s a powerful and sharp clipper so it can take on the thickest and toughest hair.  Because of this, it is fairly easy to use.
  • It’s quiet compared to other clippers in its class; it is quiet so the animals that you groom don’t get too jumpy from the noise.
  • Versatility not only with the basic unit but with the option to buy additional accessories.
  • Easy interchange blades.


  • Though they advertise a cool motor, there are a few owners that have noticed that it does heat up.


What You Get with the Oster A5 Turbo Dog Clippers

Quick answer, a lot.  Though you will probably have to pay more than you originally thought, it will be worth your while.  The Oster dog clipper is quiet compared to other clippers and the motor is strong enough to handle even the thickest fur as well as matted fur.

Many people have noticed that the pets they groom with the clipper are not bothered or as bothered with it as with other clippers.

The Oster A5 Turbo dog grooming clipper comes with:

  • powerful but quiet motor at 4000 strokes per minute
  • cryogenX blade with AgION ( reduces bacteria)
  • despite long use, the motor stays cool
  • detachable and easy interchangeable blades
  • compatible with other oster cryogenX blades
  • standard #10 oster blade
  • blade oil, blade guard, cleaning brush, extra brush, grease, spring set, instruction manual

Oster A5 Turbo Professional Dog Clipper Reviews

The Oster A5 Turbo 2-speed Professional Animal Clipper is designed to please the pet lover. The device works equally well on dogs and cats as well as sheep and horses. Consumers using this product find it comfortable to handle and easy to maneuver.

It does not matter the length or coarseness of the hair being trimmed, the Oster 2 Speed trims hair without pulling. The dog grooming clipper cuts through tangles easily and leaves a neat layer of hair in its wake. Two speeds give the user the option of adjusting to the thickness of the hair being trimmed.

The drawback to the Oster A5 Clipper is the heat it generates after about 15 minutes of use. The heated device sometimes makes the clipper uncomfortable for the user to hold as well as for the pet if the clipper touches the skin directly.

The heat will not be a problem if the clipping  job can be done in a short time, but if clipping a large dog or one with a lot of hair, the heat might be a problem for the pet. Users find it beneficial to start clipping near the head first while the clipper is cool and work towards the back where heat might not be a problem for the dog.

More consumers have good luck with the clipper than problems with the device. That is in part due to expectations of the final product. The clipper will not do what some want it to do, making it not the clipper for them.

It is a device worth the cost and will pay for itself after a few uses. The clipper is built to last and last it will with proper care and use. Users of the Oster clippers give it two thumbs up.

Check out more customer reviews about this Oster A5 Turbo dog clipper at Amazon.com.

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